Say Yes


Sometimes in life you have to leap and let the net appear. The same is true with writing.

For instance, recently the Toyota trial about cars speeding up without warning was going on in the metro are where I live. I heard that Bloomberg News needed a correspondent to cover the verdict. I was all over it! This great opportunity to write for a major news outlet seemed to be perking along until I was asked the question, “How many trials have you covered?”

There’s no use in being dishonest in life, so I said, “Zero.”  Sadly, Bloomberg wanted someone who had covered trials before.  I understand that.  Even though I knew I could handle whatever they threw at me, to them, I am an unknown quantity.  They passed.

I felt the Big Break pass before my eyes.

What did I do?  I seized an opportunity.

It just so happens that very same day The Norman Transcript, for whom I am a regular freelance contributor, approached me about covering a different, high-profile trial.

I said yes.

And guess what? I made page A1 above the fold.  I shared the coveted space with the editor who covered the other half of the day’s events.  So, the next time Bloomberg or someone else calls and asks if I have trial experience, I can say, “You bet!”

As for me, when opportunity knocks, it’s about saying yes and more. It’s about saying, “Welcome!”

I’ve worked hard to get my name out there.  The break will come again and I’ll be ready.

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